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Building integrity and architectural quality will not be compromised, but forming a mutually beneficial relationship with our client is how we judge our success…


Every project presents challenges, so why take unnecessary risks?

We will manage the design of your home and then build your new home to meet your exacting standards.

Imagine living and enjoying all the special moments and celebrations in a home built using non toxic materials, utilising materials that are recycled and 100% recyclable, made from natural and sustainable materials.

A home that provides comfort, knowing that your family is being nurtured in an environment that is encouraging healthy living and not harming their health.

Share with us your idea of a dream home and we can assist you to turn that dream into a reality…

Your advantage is that Vebo Group employs architectural and building experts that have the collective experience and local knowledge to drive and deliver successful outcomes – completing projects with confidence to agreed time frame, costs & quality standards.

Our difference is that we focus on results whilst staying connected with you. All Vebo services are progressive and outcome-based, aimed at improving our clients ability for project success.

We address the specific goals and dreams of each client. Working with you in a flexible way to understand your needs and requirements – tailoring our approach and adding value to suit your project.

Most importantly you are provided with the necessary support of our experienced team to ensure your project outcomes are met, leaving nothing to chance.

You can be confident in our ability to deliver, with the company holding residential unlimited building licences and home warranty insurance in NSW, Victoria, ACT and QLD – providing you with an advanced network for your convenience.

The Vebo Team offers the full suite of design, management and construct services that provide clients with greater surety of successful outcome.

Our services are not limited to single projects, new homes or apartments – we have the capacity for multi unit residential and other larger mixed used developments.

Rest assured knowing that our personnel and our financial resources allow us to confidently undertake multiple and larger scale residential projects.


We keep everyone together and connected. Having a connected project team provides for powerful and meaningful outcomes with no surprises.

No one wants a building project that takes you away from your lifestyle – we will provide for you, a dedicated team with no weak links.

Unless changes are initiated by the client, there will be no unexpected costs – this is our commitment to you.

Most building companies take a one size fits all approach and that simply doesn’t make sense! There is no simple solution to successful management of a project it takes a combination of dedication and know how.

While others focus on what’s in it for them, we simply apply our experience and know how to our clients’ needs and goals;

  • Experienced people with industry know how.
  • Emphasis on personal and tailored solutions.
  • Attention to detail in planning, monitoring and outcomes.

We draw on a combination of standard and more sophisticated tools and models to communicate effectively.

More about you and less about us!

Our team of building professionals close the loop with clients, architects, engineers and designers to consistently deliver excellent outcomes, focussing on sustainable innovation and lean processes for project delivery – everyone loves a clean and healthy environment – and you simply want better results!

It’s our aim to have a client for life. We clearly see our role as being a facilitator of your project dreams and not focussing on our own achievements.

Without a raving fan base of customers, we simply don’t have a business.

We don’t take risks, we just enforce best practice management systems to lead our team to ultimate project success.

But all the systems in the world mean nothing if we don’t honour our promises!

If delivery is failed then your trust is lost.

We are totally committed to doing what we say we are going to do and continue to improve every aspect of our approach – successful delivery is paramount.


We will never forget who we’re working for… never!

More often that not, projects fail when teams are over-extended and leveraged to their own
benefit. We are more interested in delivering exceptional quality, on time and within budget for your project.

Attention to detail is a strength of Vebo Group and we love great design; we have an Excellence in Construction Award to prove it.

We rely on our non negotiable philosophies, underpinned by two critical factors leading to ground breaking results and ultimate project success:

  • Best communication
  • Best outcomes


  • Exceed expectations at all times.
  • No surprises.
  • Remain adaptable and flexible.
  • Engage to be fair and respectful.
  • Share accountability for all outcomes and take responsibility when appropriate.
  • Strong and concise direction.
  • A culture of no blame.
  • Transparent and independent.
  • Personal and tailored service not one sized fits all approach.
  • Building and grow relationships.


  • Equity for all connected parties.
  • Uncompromising commitment to quality and the environment.
  • Employ the best to be our best – the right people, experienced specialists.
  • Safety first – never compromise health & safety.
  • We work with you toward best decision outcomes applying intellectual rigour.
  • Remain solution focussed and supportive.
  • Total commitment and dedication to task at hand.
  • Get on with what needs to be done.
  • Assured value.
  • Attention to detail.


Vebo Group is a privately owned and independently operated, which means you deal face to face with the people who are going to successfully deliver your project.

The Vebo Group brand name was adopted in 2013. Since 2006, as a company we have a proven track record of delivery of projects in the residential and commercial sector.

Collectively as an organisation, our focus is on the environment and how we can lead and influence in a positive way.

Through a process of discovery we now offer a truly cutting-edge approach to the planning, supervision and execution of commercial projects.

Because we own the business, we take a long-term view, providing our clients with a service that is stable and independent. Every business interaction is viewed as a partnerships, making it our business to understand even the most subtle requirements of each new project.


  • Financially sound
  • International standard of quality
  • Group overheads are kept in balance
  • Australia wide service
  • National delivery capabilities
  • Complete management
  • People focused
  • Assured value
  • Personal service
  • Customised delivery
  • No surprises approach
  • Expert supply chain
  • Accreditation with leading industry organisations
  • Systemised management systems

Peter Buruma is founder of Vebo Group. A qualified builder since 1996, Peter has effectively delivered hundreds of projects across many fields of expertise.


Peter gained recognition for outstanding work with a Master Builders Association, Excellence in Construction Award.

A respectful builder and traditional at heart. After studying Building and Construction at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia), Peter has worked extensively as a project manager, site manager and carpenter, providing him with hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of construction.

Since 2006, Peter has been exploring, studying and researching his passion of healthy and sustainable building practices.

Central to all of Peter’s work is quality and looking after peoples interests.

Peter remains the key point of contact, operating at the forefront of each project as Director of Construction Operations. He is extremely resilient and has an acute sense of what it takes to meet deadlines, always providing invaluable support to his team to deliver excellent results.


Collaborating from concept to provide a balance between the creative need and build-ability… in other words, we design to suit your needs.

Traditional construction methods and materials are challenged with a focus on sustainable design that provide an enhanced experience for the building occupants.

At Vebo, we use the following principles in every design;

  • Efficient use of space and floor layout.
  • The use of non toxic materials.
  • Utilising materials that are recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • Harvesting of energy (off grid solutions).
  • Energy efficient design.
  • Energy efficient materials and appliances.
  • Natural and sustainable materials.
  • Light weight and efficient materials.
  • Protection and engagement with the natural environment.

By designing and building in a sustainable way doesn’t need to cost more… and outstanding design, form and function is not a luxury at Vebo Group.

Our designs encourage our clients to use natural and sustainable building materials with a focus on higher standard of quality with lower cost and more efficient delivery – well show you how!

From the first client briefing through to final occupancy, Vebo will guide you every step of the way.

We work creatively with our Vebo Management and Vebo Construction teams to provide the right balance. Our designers will work from the base data whilst evaluating and continually challenging the brief throughout the process.

Vebo Design provides an additional layer of assurance that planning, design and budget expectations will be managed with excellent results.

We understand the critical nature of design to achieve best outcome. We will always respect the importance of spaces to our clients plus the work of architects, designers, engineers and other connected parties in creating your concept.

Our design philosophy is simple – Inspiring design with no compromise.

“For every compromise you make in your work and knowingly make in your work, you must remember the result represents the quality of your next client”
Glenn Murcott
[Australian Architect +Pritzker Architecture Prize winner]


  • Site analysis
  • Design development
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Authority, compliance & permits
  • Professional services management
  • Structural engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy ratings
  • Construction detailing